AlSarhan for Trading Services, established in Saudi Arabi in 2002, We started our business in the field of telecommunications since the age of technology revolution in NOKIA in Saudi Arabia.


AlSarhan for Trading Services, established in Saudi Arabia in 2002, We started our business in the field of telecommunications since the age of technology revolution in NOKIA in Saudi Arabia. We operated several branches and outlets in Saudi Arabia and traded in mobile phones, PCs, software’s, spare parts, and accessories.With a consistent record of commitment to growth and innovation, we succeeded to build strong relationships with our suppliers such as: ALHADDAD, MASHAEL ALKHALEEJ and I2 STORES. to the point we became their verified and trustworthy distributor.



In 2010

      We decided to go a step further and spread our business around the middle east, so we established a new project in Dubai and focused on Wholesale trading. Our target was to import electronic devices with various grades from Dubai then sell it in Saudi Market and other gulf countries. Although, we had great sharing profits at the beginning, but we forced to shut down this project due to management crediting errors. However, we never thought it was the end for us. So, we started again in 2019.


In 2017

        We successfully build a partnership with ARAMEX company, one of the largest logistic and supply chain service providers around the world. This partnership was limited due to strict franchise rules and quality standards. However, in a very short amount of time, we managed to build a strong trust relationship with them and made outstanding results with high percentage of satisfaction.



  • We attracted several talents and manpower with multi-Professional backgrounds to create a strong team, which helped the company to expand their business around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  • We proposed several ideas to improve the performance of the company in multiple cities which was accepted and applied by them. As a result, Also, we managed to increase delivery rate for the company.
  • Currently, we are running a total of 16 branches around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we are serving numerous numbers of customers in different places.
  • We also invested on tourism, we own multiple wedding and ceremony halls with grade B and C in Saudi Arabia. Due to high quality services we produce for our customers, we succeed to achieve high sales through our excellent marketing, strong management, and effective usage of time and resources


We are working on Wholesale trading of below items:  

⦁ NEW Mobile Phones.

⦁ Refurbished Mobile Phones Grade A/AB/B/C.

⦁ Laptops and Game Consoles .

Smart watches, Ear Pods and Electronic Accessories .

We are constantly expanding our stock, every week we get a delivery of different products from EU, US, Japan, and HK market .



We have a lot of experience on the GSM market. We Provide Highest quality service and variety of brands of smartphones,Tablets, SmartWatches, SmartBands, Eco system, Game Consoles, Home Appliances, PC and IT Products.

We also provide original brands Products, Accessories, and original Spare Parts.
We put a lot of effort in providing the best customer experience on the market.


⦁ We can share with our customers a photo of the products and EAN no.

⦁ The customer can visit our virtual warehouses in Hong Kong and Dubai FZE for self-inspection.

⦁ We offer good shipping prices.

⦁ We offer great customer support by dedicated team members.

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